IFL watches is a small operation from Sweden specialising in watch related accessories. Known for their cuff links and orbital watch winders (please do check those out, they’re mesmerising), they were kind enough to send two of their products for me to get hands on with.

If you are a corporate warrior or need something extra for that black tie event, a french cuff and cuff links can give you a hint of extra pizzazz for your attire and set yourself apart from the herds of drab suits and plain shirts. While you can opt for simple or comical links, why not stay true to the horological enthusiast you are with these incredibly detailed accessories. Alternatively, if you’re looking to buy a gift for the enthusiast in your life, cuff links are a great option, especially if IFL offers one of their favourite brands (Rolex, Omega, JLC, Cartier, Zenith, Longines to name a few). We all know buying a watch for someone who is ‘into’ watches can be a daunting exercise, however these accessories are a perfect intermediary to acknowledge one’s passion without going all in on a new timepiece.

The Product
The Omega styled cuff links are executed to a meticulously high standard. Its copper tones warm and lustrous, reminiscent of the brand’s in house calibres of yesteryear. The typeface relieved into the main plate is period correct and the overall construction mimics an operating movement so very well. How is all this possible? All IFL’s branded cuff links are created from once functional, original components. The jewels set in the main plate, sunburst finished mainspring barrel, balance wheel and regulating lever, are all genuine, with no shortcuts taken in the finish of this accessory. Every detail is retained from what you would expect to see if you popped open the caseback of a 1970’s Omega.

If you prefer something more universal and discrete, the Chaika II is a marvellous expression of a manual wind movement that also features synthetic jewels, a balance wheel and Geneva stripes. With an overall design closer to a conventional cuff link, it still exhibits all the hallmarks of a mechanical watch movement and is no surprise to me that these are IFL’s best sellers.

If you are in the market for a tourbillion inspired watch winder, movement inspired cuff links or  a travel friendly watch rolls.
Please check out IFL watches here at and the images below.

Thank you to Aleks from IFL for generously sending out these cuff links for me to photograph. 

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