Welcome back to another instalment of Let’s Talk Straps. In this episode, we dive into the brand that is Delugs straps and review 3 leather accessories that were graciously provided to us. Having seen some outstanding photos of their products, I was more than excited to receive these straps and pair them amongst my watch collection.

Delugs is a brand based in Singapore which began as conventional leather crafters, producing a range of accessories such as wallets, belts, clutches, bags and the like. Delugs holds a philosophy that there is a major distinction in quality between their leather work and mass produced pieces, with a key focus on artisanal guile and attention to detail in whatever they create. So confident in their manufacture, Delugs offers a lifetime warranty for their straps. With such a strong emphasis on quality and craftmanship, let’s find out if the product matches the company ethos.
The Product
The selection of straps for review include a dark brown shell cordovan, grey epsom and natural horween chomexcel signature strap (all without padding). Delugs offer both stock ready and made to order straps with a variety of means to create a unique product. It enables the customer to tweak and customise the accessory to your liking. Personally, I opted for slimmer straps (hence the request for no padding) and quick release spring bars for convenience. (Quick release spring bars are now a default option for all Delugs products)
Upon opening the air tight zip lock bag containing the straps, the superb leather quality is evident on sight. The Shell Cordovan exhibiting its characteristic sheen through a high polish finish. The Epsom style strap is fresh in its grey/taupe colour, premium to the touch as it is to the eyes. With a more rugged look, the Horween Chromexcel has a smooth exterior while retaining the leather’s durable nature.
Turning our attention to the interior, Delugs uses a orange toned zermatt leather lining (the same lining used by Hermes, yes, the Hermes) which feels great on the wrist and distinguishes these straps from nude or black colours typically used by other brands. The stitch pattern is remarkably tight, concise and parallel while the thread itself is extremely strong and durable. From the outset, presentation and feel is extremely impressive. Where brands usually falter or are forced to economise, is in the painting of the flanks or choice of tang buckle hardware. The edges present on the Delugs range are all refined and painted to a highly distinguished measure. Smooth upon contact and free of blemishes, it further enforces that this is a properly crafted product of excellence. The hardware includes a convex tang buckle which admittedly I did not take much notice of initially, however once strapped to the wrist it compliments the curvature of the leather and hugs the wrist just that bit better than most generic buckles.
On Wrist

On the wrist, Delugs’ top class construction translated to a premium wearing experience. The break in time was minimal thanks to the slim profile of the straps and the quick release springs bars made it a breeze to switch in and out of styles. The 20mm Delug strap has a slight taper to 18mm, providing a sturdier feel on the wrist which suited the Explorer, while the lack of thickness ensured the straps are compatible to dressier pieces. (A more aggressive taper may be possible upon request). Not only is the leather extremely comfortable, the aesthetics of each finish is a feast for the eyes. My personal favourite, the shell cordovan reveals subtle golden tones in broad daylight, while the iridescent rich brown looked ever so sleek in low light. The Horween Chomexcel presented a rugged and classic look to the Explorer, looking better and better through its wear with the leather forming a slight patina where the strap was stressed to mould to my wrist. Finally, the Epsom strap proved quite versatile on both dress and sports pieces, bringing a fresh and modern look to each timepiece. Paired with my collection, the Explorer took to a dressier vibe, in contrast to the

SRPD97J1 which invoked an everyday aesthetic to what is a formally inclined timepiece. It’s no surprise this type of leather finish is gaining popularity amongst collectors with its ability to compliment a wide range of watches.

The Verdict 

Having spent a lot of time with the Delugs straps before publishing this review, I really want to underline just how good these products are. Stock ready or made to order, a premium leather accessory with this level of attention to detail and finish for <$80USD (ready made) and $100-155USD (made to order) it sets the brand a world away from the competition. This is usually the part of the review where I put in a word about improvements or what I would have liked to change, but in this case I am without any constructive criticism.

I could say the Shell Cordovan strap did get roughed up by the sharp Rolex case, but this is a common consequence of the lug hole placing on

all modern Rolex timepieces which is of no fault of the Delugs strap design or finish. Further, curved spring bars have now been made available as an option to combat this exact issue. The leather quality in itself is far and above what I have ever encountered at this price point.
The finish, painted edges, stitching. Class leading. Immediately out of the zip lock bag and onto the wrist, the first-rate standards of the strap is apparent and remains that way throughout ownership. Delugs offers such a great product, with other brands in this premium market segment charging more or providing less. While I anticipated a formidable product from online photos, through my extended wear it granted even more appreciation. If I were in the market for a top-shelf strap made from the leathers listed in this review, I would head straight to Delugs without hesitation (just be wary of the 4 week estimated lead time for made to order products). I have not come across anyone who does it better. I am acutely aware this is very high praise, but if you choose to make an investment in Delugs Straps I don’t think you will disagree with my sentiment.

Thanks to Delugs Straps for providing these leather straps for review. You can find all Delugs has to offer at https://delugs.com/ or @delugsstraps
Keep an eye on Delugs as they often offer discount pricing or sample batch straps upon receiving unique leathers and finishes. Bespoke options are also available. 



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