Founded and based in Madrid, Tempomat is a provider of a wide range of watch related accessories. Ranging from straps to card holders and even swimwear, the brand offers more than the usual array of enthusiast products. Tempomat are best known for their expansive range of rubber straps of which I have here for review.

If bold and beautiful takes your fancy, Tempomat have plenty in their arsenal to support you in your endeavour to take a watch to the next level and make it stand out amongst a crowd of steel bracelets. Where the end links of the bracelet would normally reside, Tempomat straps are shaped to meet the case and lugs coherently, while being downturned sharply to match the curvature of the wrist. The strap remains a consistent 20mm from end to end again erring on the side of solid rather than svelte. A raised central groove provides depth and a sporty inclination to compliment the vivid orange or austere grey colouration.
Upon looking at the interior you will find Tempomat text and insignia to stamp its identity.
The generic straps follow a similar recipe, bold colours accompanied by deep grooves to instill a masculine appearance and feel. While the generic options do not integrate into the case and lugs, the slim profile lets the strap remain malleable and conforms to the wrist comfortable in what is a entirely wearable package regardless of wrist size.

Fit & Finish
Rubber straps are able to fit into active lifestyles, enabling the wearer to forego any concerns regarding comfort or longevity compromised by bracelet or leather alternatives. Tempomat serves up both function and form in its typical striking flavour. Comfort levels are impressive, with the soft rubber material maintaining its pleasant feel regardless of whatever you find yourself doing. Should you wish to set yourself apart from the glut of stainless Rolex’s and show a bit of personality, there aren’t many better ways to do so than affixing a bright orange strap to a typically low key Explorer.
In terms of finish, Tempomat straps are up to billing. The tang buckle set-up is simple and secure, with its brushed finish executed adequately. For the straps made compatible to Rolex/Omega models, the curved ends suit the case of my Explorer well enough, providing sufficient security of my watch to my wrist. Considering Tempomat straps are produced to comply across a number of different models, the trade off exists between that seamless integration other manufacturers achieve when offering straps for one particular model, although these are found at a much higher pricepoint.
The generic straps employ the same reliable tang buckle system, which is what I happen to prefer over delpoyant clasps for its ease of use and unobtrusivity on the wrist. What you see is what you get here, an honest strap that will fit the needs of enthusiasts across a wide number of watches. However, should you have a watch on the slimmer side, please note that slots for the spring bars are quite substantial and may not match a slender case profile. On the flip side, I can see this design taking to bigger, burlier watches (e.g. Panerai) to keep in line with a timepiece’s brawny aesthetic. Further advice, if you are not going to use the OEM springs bars of the watch in question, please ensure you attain spring bars of similar specifications to get the best fitment of your Tempomat strap, particularly if you are looking to purchase accesories compatible with Rolex and Omega pieces. Although, is it too much to ask for spring bars to be provided with the strap?
Overall, Tempomat offers a compelling value proposition for its bold colours and integrated straps for Rolex, Omega and even Audemars Piguet of the 44mm variety. You may find it difficult to find straps that are made for those brands at a similar price point in the aftermarket, let alone OEM and Tempomat is a great way to experience a quality accessory at a reasonable price.Thank you Tempomat for providing the accessories for review. I thoroughly enjoyed going hands on and giving my

watches a bold new look.
You can find the entire Tempomat catalogue at https://tempomaterials.com/

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