Omega Speedmaster Blue Side of the Moon Aventurine Dial – Review

The mighty Omega Speedmaster, variations there are many. What makes this one special? 

I’ve owned the Moonwatch in its traditional form, the one we all know and love with its steel case and tri-register layout. This hulking 44.5mm blue ceramic, aventurine dial, coaxial automatic Speedmaster could not prove to be any greater contrast by appearance, but (spoiler alert) I’ve found it far more enjoyable to own. With a more literal interpretation of the world beyond our atmosphere, the Blue Side of the Moon (BSOTM) gives you a glimpse into the cosmos with its stunning blue aventurine dial and 18k laser ablated moonphase disc.



We Have Lift-Off

The OG Moonwatch looks and feels like an instrument where the BSOTM is an ode to exactly what the Speedmaster’s reputation has been built upon, the daring endeavour of understanding of lies beyond our planet. The dazzling display of the dial is where you’ll spend most of your time, absorbing the view and continuously tilting it to catch a glimpse of each star in its night sky. It truly feels as if on your wrist you are looking out the window of the International Space Station, the dial co


nvinces you it’s moving in real time like each star has wandered since you saw it last. It’s magical, stunning and reminds you that there is still so little that we know and understand of outer space. There aren’t many timepieces that evoke such a visual likeness of what they are inspired by. No matter if you are sat at your office desk, out for coffee, doing the laundry, every time you look at your wrist it’s impossible not to be transported into the ether. No astral plane is complete without a moon and the BSOTM is no exception, the gold moonphase pairs perfectly with the aventurine dial to cap off a supremely galactic timepiece. The laser etched details so perfectly mimic the craters of the moon and the accuracy is astonishing, even more so under a macro lens.    


In Flight Fit, Feel and Function

On the wrist the watch is large, there is no denying it. The ceramic Speedmaster cases employed by Omega across the “Side of the Moon” franchise does keep the weight down, but it’s the 17mm thickness that really drives the substantial feel on the wrist. Though I find it more comfortable and suitable to my wrist than the Speedmaster Professional (with the exception of the latest reference) it is right on the edge for my 17cm wrist. If you’re used to wearing watches on the larger side do not hesitate to don the BSOTM though if you are someone who wears a dress shirt for your working week, just know that there is little to no cuff compatibility. I found the ceramic case and ceratised titanium buckle to be as scratch resistant as advertised, the leather strap looks luxurious and wears as such, with the design of the deployant enabling any excess length to be tucked to the interior of the strap. A welcomed detail to make the watch feel and look as seamless as a 44.5mm watch can be. The 9904 coaxial chronograph movement is superb. Keeps time as brilliantly as you would expect and the feel of the pushers as you engage, disengage and reset the column wheel Chronograph is supremely satisfying and robust. 


Touch Down

The BSOTM is a beautiful watch and a romantic portrayal of our cosmos and beyond. The more literal interpretation of a ‘Moon’ watch is one that I really have enjoyed and I believe it to be one of the most impressive pieces Omega has dished up in its very… VERY extensive Speedmaster catalogue.. The aventurine dial is more spectacular than any photo could exhibit and if you’re someone who is familiar with a larger watch I couldn’t endorse the BSOTM enough, however if you prioritise comfort over all else I’d suggest trying it on before adding to cart. Amongst steel sport or dress watches in my collection, the BSOTM was a joy to wear and just have fun. A big blue space watch isn’t fit for every occasion, but an occasion every time you wear it.  


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