Bergeon 7767- SF Spring Bar Tool


Bergeon 7767-SF Spring Bar Tool

  • 1.2mm Fine tip (compatible to modern Rolex Bracelets)
  • 3mm Broad tip
  • Interchangeable Tips
  • Hardened Tempered Steel construction
  • Ribbed Centre
  • Swiss Made

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Bergeon is one of the worlds leading producers of watch tools, machines and everything in between for the last two centuries. Located in Switzerland, the organisation has progressed from a handful of CNC machines at the end of the 2010’s to now 15 machines covering over 1,500m2 in their new facility located in La Chaux-De-Fonds. The commitment to precision, quality and continious improvement is very much at the forefront of Bergeon’s operations and whether it is a complex or traditional tool, know that Bergeon takes pride in offering products that are fit to wear the title of Swiss made.

The Bergeon 7767 – SF ‘super fine’ Spring Bar Tool is no different. Made with a ribbed centre and constructed of hardened and tempered steel, the 7767 SF inspires confidence in use and is fit for your most precious timepieces. With a fine tip of 1.22mm and larger tip at 3mm, it will comply with modern Rolex bracelets and almost all other tolerances in the market today. Should you require any other style of tip, they can be unscrewed and interchanged with other tips from Bergeon without needing to buy a new tool every time.

There are many spring bar tools available on the market today, rest assured with Bergeon you are investing in a product that offers top class quality and value while being the choice of watchmakers all around the world.

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