TellYourTime Watch Box – 5 Slot Australian Jarrah w/Glass


  • Premium Solid Australian Jarrah timber
  • Hand crafted by Australian Master Woodworker
  • Velvet lining with foam backing
  • Suede Pillows created by Australian professional dressmaker
  • 6 coats for varnish (minimum) with buff and sand inbetween reapplication
  • Glass window (not plastic)
  • Bespoke & Custom options availabe (contact us)


  • Watches not included

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I couldn’t be prouder to present you with the very first line of TellYourTime watch boxes. Watch boxes are the most popular form of timepiece storage and I knew if I wanted to offer a box signed with the TellYourTime name, it had to be perfect.

I had a clear vision of what the watch box would look like, how it would be made and how it should make you feel every time you look at it. Much like the best independent watchmakers out there, I wanted to work with someone who is a master in their field, who has incredibly high standards for their work and understands that everything we produce must be as special as the watches within it. Above all that, it had to be made here in Australian with signature Australian timbers. When you own a TellYourTime watch box, it has to feel like an occasion not only when you lift the lid but also when you catch a glimpse of it on your bedside table, office desk or otherwise. While this example is ready made, there is also scope for bespoke, custom creations to suit your collection and preferences, all you have to do is get in touch! Made for you, created by us.

While I can take credit for the idea and the design of the box, let’s focus on the man that brought it to life.  The master woodworker (let’s call him Mr M) constructs the box by hand. Aside from the laser engraver to scribe my logo on the inside lip and an electric planer to trim the raw wood to a workable thickness, about 90% of the process is conducted by hand.

The timber you see here is Australian Jarrah. Lesser boxes will either be wrapped in leather PU over a frame or mdf/pine with a wood pattern laminate set over it. While this helps keep the price in check, it leaves room from improvement.

Here, everything you see is solid Jarrah. From the lid, the base, the dividers, it is all solid Australian hardwood with each section individually cut, trimmed and treated to make the box look and feel as uniform as possible. Mr M only selects quality Australian hardwoods, with the most popular timbers being Marri and as mentioned earlier, Jarrah. These timbers in this size are not off the shelf products and continue to increase in demand with these larger, premium cuts in limited supply. Every section of timber is chosen with the final form in mind before a single cut is made. By using select timber Mr M is able to achieve what he calls the ‘waterfall’ effect on the box where the grain of the Australian Jarrah appears to flow all the way around the box. I can’t speak highly enough of the way the wood presents ranging from the earthy tones to honey depending on the light.

This watch box is void of any nails, staples, or screws (except of course the hinges for the lid) and all joints are secured by glue. If the joins do not match seamlessly and glue is exposed the box is discarded and the process starts again from scratch.
Mr M creates the dividers, lips, capping, even the beading that holds the glass in place (real glass by the way, not plastic) himself. The watch box is a testament to the skill, craft and expertise of the man and is so very impressive that such precision can be achieved without machinery.

A minimum of 6 coats of quality polyurethane varnish are applied at least 24 hours apart, with coats continually reapplied until the desired finish is achieved. Each interim coat is sanded with fine grit before reapplication with the final layer revealing a beautiful shine to create the effect that the wood is glowing.

The velvet lining is backed by 3mm foam to provide both a soft touch surface and a protective interior for your precious timepieces. The pillows are created by a professional dressmaker here in Australia, where we opted for a suede case and soft interior to cater for all wrist sizes. Pillows can be adjusted to match the wrist size of owner to enable the perfect fit to ensure bracelets fit snug without being stressed.

This particular box took 4 weeks to produce (custom orders may take longer) and I wholeheartedly believe there is nothing quite like it available on the market anywhere. From the unique Australian hardwood to Mr M’s master woodworking ability, this is far and above the most special storage option I’ve seen with no expense spared to create a home worthy for your most precious timepieces.

But it doesn’t stop there, if this configuration is not quite suited to the size of your collection or your preference, TellYourTime is delighted to offer a bespoke service to facilitate your dream watch box. Whether you would like a certain number of slots, glass view or wood lid, different interior colours, we can make it happen. Let us make your piece unique storage solution a reality, all you have to do contact us via email, facebook or Instagram!